Kangaroo Island walking trails to drive tourism and a stronger economy

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2 years ago
Kangaroo Island walking trails to drive tourism and a stronger economy
The Turnbull Government will redevelop the iconic Prospect Hill Kangaroo Island Trails to attract more domestic and international tourists to the Island as part of our plan for a stronger economy.
The Turnbull Government’s $750,000 commitment will deliver economic and social benefits for Kangaroo Island through the creation of new walking trails and the redevelopment of existing trails.
The new and redeveloped trails are expected to attract up to 45,000 tourists every year. More tourism means a stronger economy and more jobs for Kangaroo Island.
The project will minimise environmental degradation in the areas immediately surrounding the walking paths on Kangaroo Island with the creation of a new short walk, as well as redeveloping and enhancing parts of existing paths and lookouts.
It will deliver economic benefits through an increase in employment, an increase in annual visitor spending as more tourists visit the Island or extend their stays.
Explorer Matthew Flinders climbed Prospect Hill - Kangaroo Island’s highest point - when he visited the region in 1802.
The path to the top of the Hill was closed by the council in 2016 after it became unsafe.
The trails will deliver social benefits through increasing access to heritage and culturally significant attractions on the Island, including a shipbuilding facility, old trails and lookouts.
This project will deliver 10 jobs during construction and more than 10 ongoing roles for Kangaroo Island, ensuring the region will continue to thrive and prosper into the future.
This means more families spending more, investing more and driving more jobs and confidence in the local community.
The Turnbull Government has a plan to deliver more jobs and a stronger economy for Kangaroo Island.
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