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1 year ago
The Startup Talent Gap report shows Australian startups are facing critical skills shortages following a terrible combination of botched decisions and skills funding cuts by the out-of-touch Turnbull Government.
Skills shortage issues have plagued our digital economy for years without recognition or action by the Liberals, and last year’s sudden skilled migration changes sent shockwaves of uncertainty through the business, innovation, and education sectors.
“There’s a real need for talent especially since the abolition of the 457 visa. There are bottlenecks, if these companies don’t have someone who can build a digital product and get it out there, it really stops a company from hiring additional roles.”
Alex Gruszka, StartupAUS Chief Operating Officer
The Australian, 26 July 2018
To rub salt into the wounds, the Turnbull Government has actively cut support to education and skills development whilst clumsily handling the only pathway to access global talent – the skilled migration program.
Labor has acted on the concerns of groups affected by these changes by announcing that, in Government, we would establish a new four year SMART visa – with a pathway to permanent residency – for educators, innovators and researchers of a global standing.
Labor’s SMART visa would mean the best and brightest talent overseas talent in Science, Medicine, Academia, Research and Technology would have the opportunity to develop their ideas in Australia and collaborate with their Australian counterparts.
The Startup Talent Gap report is an important snapshot of the challenges facing the digital economy and can help guide policy makers in addressing skills shortages.
The report shows the need for “a clear understanding of which skills are missing” which is why Labor will establish the Australian Skills Authority – an independent, labour market testing body to determine genuine skills needs.
The Australian Skills Authority will work in consultation with industry, unions, higher education and TAFE sectors, and State and Local Governments to project Australia’s future skills shortages and train Australian workers for those jobs.
The Turnbull Government’s track record is in botching changes to temporary skilled migration – proving they can’t be trusted with Australian jobs.
Only Labor has a plan for Australia to remain a world-leader with medical, scientific research, and high tech industries by ensuring Australian employers – including startups – will have a local, skilled workforce ready to go in the future.
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