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5 years ago
I will not renominate to be part of the next Labor Shadow Ministry.

I have spoken to Anthony Albanese and told him that I wish him well and the new leadership team every success. Millions of Australians rely on Labor and Labour movement, and I am confident that Labor can regroup and win the next election.

I have worked well in policy development with Anthony Albanese on Labor’s pursuit of a national rail manufacturing plan, Australian-made electric vehicles, and building and fire safety reform – particularly in airports. I look forward to continuing that work.  

I intend to continue to serve in the Senate, a forum that provides an opportunity for advocacy on behalf of the working people of Australia who rely upon Labor.

In the past six years, the focus of all my work was the goal of serving as a Cabinet Minister in a Labor Government. My policy interests remain. I shall continue to advocate for the modernisation of Australian industry, and for restoring science and research policy to the centre of government.
I have been a Senator for Victoria for 26 years. In that time it has been an honour to serve as Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate, as a member of the Shadow Ministry, the Shadow Cabinet, and even more so in the Ministry and Cabinet of a national Labor Government.

I would like to acknowledge the tremendous effort and dedication of all the staff who have worked with me during my time as a Minister and Shadow Minister. 

Above all, none of this would have been possible without the support of my family. 

I have served with commitment and pride in the areas of economic policy, higher education, indigenous affairs, human services and defence.

But for much of my time in Parliament I have been the Labor Party’s spokesperson on innovation industry, science and research. Innovation policy is critically important to the Labour movement. It is the thread that draws industry, science and research policy together.

Labor will always seek to work with industry, unions and researchers to develop a 21st century industrial structure that will ensure prosperity for all Australians.

The new Labor team has my full support, and I look forward to serving in any capacity which my experience and abilities can advance the cause of the Labour movement.
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