Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash.
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5 years ago
Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash
I am honoured to have been sworn in today as Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business in the re-elected Morrison Government.

The Australian people voted on Saturday 18 May in support of the Coalition’s plan to create 1.25 million jobs over the next five years, building on the more than 1 million jobs created since the Coalition was first elected in September 2013.  

The Australian people endorsed the Morrison Government’s plan to support Australia’s 3.4 million small and family businesses by lowering their taxes, helping them hire Australian workers, improve their cash flow, and access international export markets.

Australians rejected Labor’s plan for higher taxes, which would have crippled Australian small and family businesses.

In the Coalition, we know that the best form of welfare is a job. 

As Minister for Employment, Skills, Small and Family Business, my focus is to ensure that Australians looking for work are given the appropriate support.

I am determined to ensure that young Australians, mature age Australians and those returning to the workforce are given the assistance they require.

The Morrison Government is focused on skilling Australians, as evident by our $525 million skills package announced in the April Budget, which will create 80,000 apprenticeships over 5 years and provide special assistance for mature age Australians looking for work.

The Government is committed to small and family business, because we know when they are supported, jobs are created. We will continue to back small and family businesses by expanding their access to finance, improving payment times, ensuring small businesses get a fair go when dealing with larger businesses and the financial sector, reducing red tape and investing in the mental health of small and family business owners.

I look forward to working with the Prime Minister and the re-elected Morrison Government in achieving these goals.