Peninsula Aquatic and Recreation Centre

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1 month ago
Peninsula Aquatic and Recreation Centre
PETA MURPHY, MEMBER FOR DUNKLEY: Good morning everyone, I’m really pleased that the Prime Minister changed his mind and allowed us all to come back to Parliament to represent our electorates.

I’m here to represent the people of Dunkley and we’re talking a lot about JobKeeper at the moment. I’m here to represent the 259 employees of the Peninsula Aquatic and Recreation Centre (PARC) who aren’t eligible for JobKeeper and who the Treasurer will not stand up for and make sure they have job security and income in this really difficult time. Many of those employees work casually so they don’t get Job Seeker and for other reasons don’t qualify for Job Seeker. It’s just not good enough.

Right at the moment, we have an opportunity to talk about how Australia can come out of this crisis better and bolder, how we can have a positive future for people who need that bit of support and instead, we have a government that is apparently talking about cutting back JobKeeper rather than extending it to help the people, like the 259 employees of PARC in my electorate of Dunkley.

JOURNALIST: We’re six weeks into a six-monthprogram that they have committed to today, is it a bit early to be questioning whether they’re going to roll it back?

MURPHY: You might need to ask the Liberal backbenchers that question, because they’re the ones pushing to remove social security nets that are necessary. We have Liberal backbenchers who are talking about their concerns for vulnerable people, concerns for vulnerable students who are learning from home but yet have no package to look after those vulnerable students now or into the future. Saying they’re concerned about vulnerable people who have lost their jobs, but what about those people who have worked their entire lives to set up small businesses only to see them crumble around them through no fault of their own, and we have Liberal backbenchers talking about taking away support for those people.

You have a Labor party, and Anthony Albanese as the leader, talking about a vision for how not only to help those people through the current crisis but for how to make sure those people are taken with us forward in an Australia which is proud to be Australian and takes everyone with it not just those who are already well off. Thank you very much.

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