Julie Collins MP.
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8 months ago
Julie Collins MP
Labor welcomes the start of Dementia Australia’s Dementia Action Week and reiterates our call for the Morrison Government to make dementia a priority and invest in awareness and better care.

Dementia is not a normal part of ageing – it is a serious and terminal illness that is impacting on and taking the lives of more and more Australians.
Sadly we know dementia is the leading cause of death for women and the second leading cause of death for all Australians.

Labor reaffirms its commitment to fighting the insidious disease of dementia. We know this is an urgent issue and more needs to be done.
We look forward to the Royal Commission into Aged Care’s final report which will cover the care of Australians living with dementia.
The Royal Commission’s previous hearings have heard evidence about the significant impact this condition has on Australians, their family, loved ones and carers.
It is clear from the experiences conveyed at the Royal Commission that people need help and more support now. Especially those who choose to age in their own homes.
As a starting point, the Morrison Government must fund more high level home care packages now to help support those Australians living with dementia.
People living with dementia and their families cannot and should not have to wait.
Action can be taken now to ensure we continue to invest in research to find a cure, fund more services and do more to make our communities liveable places for people with dementia.
It is time for a stronger public focus on dementia and greater leadership from the Morrison Government to bring the community together to fight dementia.
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