Julie Collins MP.
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4 months ago
Julie Collins MP
New figures released today by the Productivity Commission show just how broken our country’s aged care system is under the Morrison Government.

Older Australians needing high level home care are now waiting more than two years for care they have been approved for and some are waiting almost three years.

The wait for older Australians to enter residential care has blown out by more than 200% under the Coalition to 148 days.

These are shameful figures. It is clear the Morrison Government has completely failed older Australians.

Scott Morrison has racked up a trillion dollars in debt but waiting times for critical services for vulnerable older Australians just keep blowing out.
In a wealthy country like Australia no one should wait more than two years for care they need and have been approved for.

This is the latest evidence of the Morrison Government’s aged care failures.

Over the three years leading up to mid-2020, more than 30,000 older Australians died waiting for home care that had been approved.

685 older Australians tragically died in aged care homes from COVID-19 because the Morrison Government didn’t have a plan.

The Aged Care Royal Commission’s interim report detailed the crisis in aged care was titled ‘Neglect’.
It called for urgent action more than a year ago but there are still 100,000 older Australians waiting for home care.
Day after day, evidence continues to mount of serious neglect in aged care. But all we see from the Morrison Government is excuses and smoke and mirrors.
Scott Morrison needs to accept responsibility and fix it.
Neglect. That’s the legacy of this Government when it comes to aged care.
Australians deserve better.
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