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1 month ago
Hundreds of commuter carparks promised by the Morrison Government at the last election won’t even be under construction by the next election and some may never be built at all.
Two years after promising 30 carpark upgrades in Melbourne, just two have been completed.
The Prime Minister promised carparks at railway stations, instead he’s taking commuters for a ride.
Revelations today also show that compulsory acquisitions and new multi-level decks are the only way the Morrison Government can deliver on a number of its Commuter Car Park promises highlights the ongoing failures of this program.
South Morang commuters have seen their promised car park disappear while residents in Kooyong, Balaclava and across Australia have been left worried about compulsory acquisitions or new, multi-story decks in their community.
The Morrison Government must urgently outline to these communities how they intend to deliver on their commitments and what impact it will have on people’s homes, business and green space.
The Commuter Carpark Fund is funded through the same Urban Congestion Fund that delivered 83 per cent of its funding to Liberal seats and seats targeted by the Liberal Party.
Liberal Party insiders have even shamelessly said the spending was designed to sandbag MPs at the last election – including the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and the now Education Minister. What an utter disgrace.
This is the Morrison Government’s signature infrastructure investment program – it’s also the signature example of everything that is wrong with the Morrison Government’s infrastructure investment program.
With only four of 67 promised new commuter car parks underway, Australian commuters struggling to find a park outside their local station know that the only person to blame is Scott Morrison.
You can’t park on a press release, but the press release is all the Morrison Government cares about.
The Morrison Government is not on the side of suburban Australians, only Labor will make sure that commuters get a fair go. 
The ANAO report into this troubled program is due to be tabled in June, 2021.
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