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1 month ago
Two years ago today, a tragedy unfolded as 51 men, women and children worshipping at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, were murdered and many others injured in a terrorist act committed by an Australian right-wing extremist.
The Australian man who committed this atrocity was sentenced to life in prison without parole but the scars on the community remain.
Today, Labor stands in solidarity with New Zealanders to mark this solemn occasion and to always stand against racism, hatred and fear.
We acknowledge the pain and trauma experienced by survivors. We were inspired by their defiance in confronting the terrorist and sharing their harrowing personal stories during the trial. And we continue to be inspired by their work to rebuild their community.
We also recognises the important contribution made by Australia’s Muslim community in supporting Christchurch to recover from this horrific event.
We recognise that the Christchurch attacks were an act of terror and we cannot ignore the fact that right-wing-extremism is a growing and a real terrorist threat in Australia.

When the New Zealand Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Terrorist Attack on Christchurch handed down its report in December 2020, it made the observation that there were radical voices and groups in Australia that contributed to the terrorist's radicalisation.

We have never had a proper and honest conversation about to the extent to which the Christchurch terrorist was radicalised on our shores.
We must tackle the threat from right-wing-extremism head on - by working together to confront the forces of hatred and racism wherever we find them.
Christchurch was a devastating tragedy.
We mourn with those who have lost so much and we are inspired by their stories of courage, their acts of bravery, their lessons about our common humanity and the resilience of the people of New Zealand.
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