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1 week ago
Ms Holgate’s submission makes a number of serious allegations, and the Senate Inquiry will soon have the opportunity to examine these matters in full.

The submission contains sharp criticism about the conduct of the Chairman, and the failure of the Australia Post Board to uphold due process in the face of Government pressure.

Everybody knows that if Scott Morrison and Paul Fletcher did not want Ms Holgate gone, the Chairman and Board would have acted differently.

Scott Morrison effectively sacked Ms Holgate on the floor of Parliament, and within two hours launched a Government-funded investigation led by the Maddocks law firm.

In contrast, the Prime Minister defended Christian Porter, rejected calls for an independent review, and argued that he be afforded the very due process that was denied to Ms Holgate.

Clearly there is one rule for Liberal mates, and another rule for everyone else.

The shameless and dishonest double standards exhibited by Scott Morrison are not befitting of a Prime Minister, and the Australian public is onto him.

The Government has also run a protection racket for the Board of Australia Post, which remains a dysfunctional swamp of Liberal party hacks and Morrison loyalists.

For some time Labor has argued the Board of Australia Post is not equipped to serve the public interest. This submission raises new questions about their ineptness that will need to be examined through the inquiry.

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