Julie Collins MP.
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1 week ago
Julie Collins MP
The Morrison Government’s announcement of biosecurity funding just days out from the Budget is too little and way too late for Australian farmers. 

Before today’s announcement, biosecurity funding was actually going backwards under the Morrison Government.

This money is really just making up for what the Morrison Government was planning to take away after its biosecurity levy failed. 

The devil is always in the detail with this Government, so we’ll take a good look at exactly what is being proposed. 

But the Government has been far too relaxed about the serious risks of a biosecurity incursion and the harm this could cause to Australia’s agriculture industry. 

The Budget must deliver much more for agriculture than what is being announced today. 

Farmers have been crying out for more support and it’s about time the Morrison Government did something.

The Morrison Government is still yet to respond to the recommendations of the National Agricultural Workforce Strategy handed to it in October. 

Minister Littleproud and the Nationals are more interested in shameless politicking than showing leadership for Australian farmers. 

The Morrison Government has failed to take responsibility for labour shortages - farmers just want this fixed.

Minister Littleproud should stop passing the buck and start working to fix this serious workforce shortage or Australian produce will continue to rot on the farms.