Murray Watt MP.
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1 month ago
Murray Watt MP
Today’s re-announcement of a new disaster resilience agency is yet more marketing from a government that has promised a lot on natural disasters, but hasn’t delivered. 
The Government announced the new agency months ago, in response to the Bushfire Royal Commission.
It’s hard to take today’s re-announcement seriously, when the Morrison Government hasn’t delivered the disaster funding it promised two years ago, in the 2019 Budget. 
Next week’s Federal Budget marks the two year anniversary of Scott Morrison’s announcement of his $4 billion Emergency Response Fund (ERF), but not a cent has been spent in two years.
The ERF was established to fund $200 million in natural disaster recovery and mitigation per financial year.
But since the announcement was made, not a single flood levee, cyclone shelter, or fire break has been funded and not a single dollar has been given to disaster victims from this fund.
In fact, the fund has earned more in interest than it has spent protecting Australians from natural disasters. It has earned the Government nearly $400 million in interest over two years, while sitting in its bank account.
With Scott Morrison’s terrible record of not delivering on disaster promises, why would anyone believe his announcement today?
Today’s re-announcement will be cold comfort for bushfire and flood victims are still waiting to see money hit the ground.
It is unconscionable that communities have been left at risk while money is available to keep towns and cities safe.

Next week’s Budget must finally deliver on natural disaster funding promised, but never delivered, by Scott Morrison two years ago.
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