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2 years ago
The Morrison Government’s spin around their child care announcement has been smashed by new data.

Labor analysis of the Labor and the Morrison Government’s child care policies shows unequivocally that Labor’s policy provides more support, to more families, for longer.

860,000 families – which is 86 per cent of all families with children aged under six in the system - are better off under Labor’s policy in comparison to the Liberals.

Every single family with one child aged five or under in child care (727,000 families) and combined family income less than $530,000 will receive absolutely no lift in their child care subsidy rate under the Liberals, but will under Labor.

Our analysis busts the Liberals’ spin that their policy is better supporting families with two children, and better supporting low and middle income families.

In reality, the vast majority of families with a combined family income between $69,806 to $174,806 with two children in child care will be better off under Labor.

Any extra support the Liberals do provide to families with two children will be temporary, as it will be ripped away when a family’s oldest child goes to school.

In contrast, Labor’s boost in support will be provided to every child, for the entire time they are in child care.

The government has also tried to hang its hat on better supporting families with three children in child care at once – which we now know is only 1.8 per cent of all families.

Labor’s child care plan will leave one million families better off than they are now – four times as many as the Liberals.

Our plan to provide more support, to more families, for longer, will result in a boost to GDP three times as large as the Liberals. 

With both policies set to start in July 2022, Australian families will go to the ballot box next election deciding between these two election commitments. 

The Morrison Government’s spin machine has been in overdrive trying to fool Australian families into believing they’ll be better off under their plan than Labor’s.  

This analysis busts that spin, and affirms Labor as the only party for working families.
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