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1 year ago
Scott Morrison’s Government needs to provide a support package to the early learning sector in Greater Sydney.

Last week, Labor Leader Anthony Albanese and I met with around 150 early learning providers from across Sydney, to learn more about the situation on the ground. 

The message was clear – the sector is in crisis. 

Providers are being put in a no-win position, having to choose between either:-

  • Waiving gap fees for families, and taking such a hit to their revenue that they are at risk of closing their doors, leaving early educators without work and essential workers without care for their children; or
  • Not waiving gap fees for families, leaving parents upset that they have to pay for a service they cannot access, and risking them un-enrolling altogether. 
Many providers told us they are also ineligible for other business support payments, so are barely able to stay afloat. 

Labor has consistently called on the Morrison Government to ensure parents are not out of pocket during lockdowns for child care they cannot access, because they are doing the right thing and staying home.

However to enable early learning providers to waive gap fees for families, the Morrison Government must provide a support package for the sector, as was done in Victoria last year.

During the prolonged Victorian lockdown last year, the Morrison Government introduced a financial support package for early learning services that allowed them to stay open to serve essential workers, while surviving waiving gap fees for families and having lower attendance levels. In addition, there was a dedicated $6 million fund for outside school hours care services.

The Morrison Government must act urgently and provide such a support package for early learning providers in Greater Sydney. 

The collapse of the sector would be devastating for families and our economy.

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