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1 year ago
It is more important than ever to support Legacy Week and Labor encourages Australians to buy a badge, buy a bear, donate or become a volunteer.

Legacy Week is being held this week to raise awareness and funds to support the families of Australian veterans who have lost their lives or been seriously injured while serving.

For nearly 100 years, Legacy Australia has supported families, including children, widows and dependants with a disability right across Australia providing practical assistance through advocacy, counselling, medical and social support.

Today, Legacy cares for many war widows who have lost their loved ones and been affected by their partner’s service in the Korean War, Malayan Emergency, Vietnam War, as well as recent conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and in peacekeeping operations across the globe. 

These efforts are supported ably by 3600 veterans, servicemen and women, and other volunteers or ‘Legatees’ who come from all walks of life. 

Legacy Week 2021 will help around 43,000 beneficiaries through funding essential services and help provide educational resources to children. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year many of the normal Legacy Week activities will be significantly scaled back, which makes raising vital funds a challenge. 

Legacy’s Badge Day is Friday, 3 September and donations can be made at their website www.legacy.com.au.  

Legacy merchandise, including badges, can be purchased online at the Legacy shop www.legacyshop.com.au.  

Legacy Week runs from 29 August to 4 September 2021.
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